The Providence That Was Reserved
Chapter # 221
Volume # 28

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The Providence That Was Reserved is the 221st chapter in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.


Yuko tells the Clones that even if they are born once more, they will not start anew. They will keep all of their memories, the good and the bad. She explains that while the logic of the world has been destroyed, there is one law that still remains, and that is that both past and future are determined by choices in the present. So they will be sent into the present, at the point where the group is fighting Fei Wang.

They will find their other selves at that point, and what happens then is up to them to choose. Clone Syaoran blames himself, but Clone Sakura wants to share that burden with him. Clow's magic circle appears beneath Clone Syaoran, and Yuko's magic circle appears beneath Clone Sakura. Thus, they will be reborn. Clone Sakura is finally able to tell Clone Syaoran: "I love you."