The End for Both
Chapter # 22
Volume # 4
Release Date: 11/05/2003
Previous: Chapter 21, The Mirror of the Greatest Love

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The End for Both is Chapter 22 of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.


The Kiishimu, finally free from the Ryanban's spell, is ready for her revenge. She is dragging back the Ryanban to her dimension when she realizes that Chu'nyan is there in the hall. She tells Chu'nyan that she has battled her mother and that her one error was trusting this evil Ryanban. The Kiishimu tells Chu'nyan that she awaits the day when the young girl will be strong enough to face her in battle in the future.

With the enemy gone, Syaoran retrives the feather to give it back to Sakura. She absorbs the memory within her and flashes back to yet another event from her past: she recalls one of her birthdays when she, Touya, and Yukito all celebrate with a guest that wasn't there.

In the other dimension, Fei Wang Reed muses that the power to cross dimensions already exists -- however, the power that lies beneath the Country of Clow exceeds all. With that power, he'll be able to change the universes. Xing Huo tells the mysterious figure that its time too shall come.

At Ryonfi, the heroes are getting ready to depart. Chu'nyan thanks them for disposing of the Ryanban and for removing the spell that surrounded the town. Flustered, Syaoran says that they really didn't do anything and that they should be thanking her instead for the wonderful medicinal salve she provided. Chu'nyan proudly boasts that the salve was made by her mother. She may not be strong now, but she'll certainly try her best to be a shinban that her mother would have been proud of. Sakura reassures her that she will.

Mokona sprouts the wings and transports them to the next destination... just then a mysterious trio enters the town. It's the amenosa! It turns out that the Ryanban's spell was made to make sure that no magic user could enter the town. Once the shield was removed, the amenosa was finally able to enter. The amenosa realizes that Ryonfi is now without a ryanban to rule and that it's necessary to appoint a new one. Chu'nyan interrupts him to say that the town has decided to rule themselves -- there's no need to appoint a new ryanban. The Amenosa nods in assent and says that he'll let the central government know of their decision.

The travelers now find themselves in a mysterious marshy area. It looks uninhabited -- they don't see any other people or houses. Mokona reassures them that it senses one of Sakura's feathers...underwater. Sakura feels bad that they're doing all of the searching, so she runs to volunteer that she'll do it, but sleep catches her before she's able to do so.

When she reawakens, Syaoran asks how she is. She notices that he's dripping wet; it turns out that the others have done a thorough check of the area while she slept. She insists that it's her memory and she should be the one to do the search. Syaoran reassures her that he wanted to do it. Also, he tells her that they probably don't have enough of her feathers back yet -- she's not at her full strength and what if she fell asleep while searching underwater? While Syaoran dries himself at the fire, Sakura tells him of the flashback she felt at Koryo. She's confused why she would be so happy when nobody was seated next to her during her birthday party. Syaoran recalls her smiling face during that day. He was the guest she couldn't remember.

His memory flits back to another memory of their childhood: Syaoran couldn't remember when his own birthday was. He was taken in by Fujitaka and doesn't recall anything that happened in his life prior to that. Sakura then decides that she will give him her birthday. She promises him that she'll remember all of the important memories for him since he can't recall for himself.

Just then, the lake starts glowing...


  • The Amenosa finally arrives! The amenosa is Nokoru Imonoyama, one of the main characters of CLAMP Campus Detectives. Accompanying him are his unnamed attendants, Suoh Takamura and Akira Ijuuin.
  • Syaoran retrieves another feather. This is the third feather that they locate.