Time Flows Once More
Ch 212
Chapter # 212
Chapter Length: 16 Pages
Volume # 27
Release Date: February 4, 2009
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Time Flows Once More is the 212nd chapter for Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.


Fei Wong Reed explains that imitations are of limited use, and there is no substitute for the real thing. Syaoran, Fay and Kurogane go for Fei Wong, but Fei Wong levitates Sakura's body, and something causes time to start flowing again. Fay and Kurogane tell Syaoran to go to Sakura and take her hand, but she is seemingly swallowed by the seal again. Mokona detects a feather, which would not be possible since feathers didn't exist in the original timeline, but Fei Wong remarks that the group's journey has also changed the past. He describes a barren city, with a reservoir of water underneath two building standing like towers, and the group realize that Fei Wong is talking about Tokyo.