Unreaching Blade
Ch 208
Chapter # 208
Chapter Length: 17 Pages
Volume # 26
Release Date: 12/24/2008
Previous: Chapter 207, Evolving Incarnation

Next: Chapter 209, The Demon King and the Puppet

Unreaching Blade is the 208th chapter in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.


"Syaoran" and the Clone continue fighting. Fei Wang draws out more of his creations, which are fought by Kurogane and Fai. Kurogane uses his "Hama Ryuu -ou- jin" technique against them. The Clone disarms "Syaoran" before he seemingly stabs his own foot. Kurogane and Fai, looking shocked, turn to the Clone, who uses Fay's magic to take both down, as well as the creations.

Fei Wang comments on how powerful the Clone became with Fai's magic. Next, the Clone grabs Syaoran by his shirt and whispers something in his ear, picking him up and dragging him to Fei Wang.