Empty Memory
Ch 016
Chapter # 16
Chapter Length: 23 Pages
Volume # 3
Release Date: 09/17/2003
Previous: Chapter 15, The Secret Country

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Empty Memory is 16th chapter of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.


After the damage that was caused to Chu'nyan's house, Fai and Kurogane are left behind to do the repairs, as Chu'nyan takes Sakura, Syaoran and Mokona around the town. As Kuro is complaining why he has to do all the work, Fai muses on Sakura's condition. Even though a couple of her feathers have been returned to her, she still appears sleepy all the time. He wonders that if she still had her "will" and her "self," would she still be willing to travel across different dimensions so willingly? However, Fai knows that no matter what, Syaoran will do his best to get all of her memories back, even though he knows that Sakura will never regain her memories of Syaoran again.

Meanwhile, in the town, Mokona tells Syaoran that it detected a strong power. Whether or not it's one of Sakura's feathers, Mokona isn't sure. They meet some of the townspeople, and Sakura gets roped into playing a dice game. The purpose of the game is to roll a higher number than your opponent. The first roll comes out to an eleven, meaning Sakura needs to roll two six's to win. She does. Repeatedly.

With their winnings, they were able to purchase some new clothes and treats. Chu'nyan says that Sakura must be a "favorite daughter of the gods" as she was able to be that lucky in the dice game. Sakura tells Chu'nyan that she doesn't really remember too many things, except her name and vague memories of a desert land. Sakura tells her that according to Syaoran, they need to go to different worlds in order to collect her memories.

With a crash, they hear that the son of the Ryanban has been going around town to collect taxes. They notice him harassing a young girl and her grandfather. He goes to whip them, but Chu'nyan and Sakura go to protect them, as Syaoran lands a kick on his face. He recognizes Syaoran as the strangers from the day before, and goes back for another attack, with a fan from which he can summon a magical warrior. Chu'nyan recognizes the fan as her mother's -- who was also a Shinban. The current Ryanban fought her mother and killed her, and then went to defeat the previously Ryanban before taking over. Syaoran continues to battle the warrior, and just when he thought it was over, it duplicated itself into several fighters!