Time to Get Under Way is 14th chapter of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.


Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane and Mokona meet again with Masayoshi at the Fuugatsu. Masayoshi tells Syaoran how glad he is that he was able to get back the feather, even though he and his kudan have always been weak. Syaoran reassures him that, on the contrary, going out and doing his best was a sure sign of strength.

Unexpectedly, Shougo shows up (with his crew). Apparently, he was looking for them to see if they were all alright. Syaoran apologizes that their battle wasn't concluded -- but Shougo shrugs his apology off. He was losing anyway. (At which his comrades enthusiastically agree; they lost a lot of money on him!)

Syaoran bids them goodbye, telling them that it's time for them to move to a new world...err, country. They promise to look them up should they ever return to Hanshin. As the trio strides off, Shougo plops a pair of goggles on Masayoshi's head. Confused, Masayoshi asks him what this means. Shougo smiles at him and tells him that he wants HIM to join his crew -- to which Masayoshi replies with an enthusiastic yes!

Back at the boarding house, Sorata is disappointed to find out they're leaving. They haven't even had a chance to taste his honey's cooking! Sakura is up and (barely) awake. Fai asks if she's okay, and she answers that she's still a bit sleepy, but otherwise ready. Mokona uses its magic to transport them to the next world.

As they're traveling through space and time, Syaoran gets a chance to say "thank you" and "goodbye" to his kudan. They reach their next world, all of them landing unceremoniously in a busy marketplace. Syaoran gets up to regain his bearings -- and sees an imposing fortress looming beyond the horizon. In the confusion, a person brusquely grabs Sakura by the wrist. Reacting quickly, Syaoran pummels the attacker with a well-placed kick to the face.

The man reacts angrily, getting ready to hit Syaoran back. Then suddenly, a voice calls them to stop.

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