The Dream of a Bat is chapter 100 of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.


Xing Huo was wondering why would people try to do things they can not accomplish.While looking at "Syaoran" in the glass tube, Xing Huo states that he is also one of them trying the impossible into the possible and had one wish, to once again rewound the time that has long since ended.

While looking at the screen where Syaoran and his companions were seen, Fei Wang Reed blurted out about something that is impossible to do to Clow Reed and he kept his promise to see his dreams brought to reality no matter how much blood is spilled and lives sacrificed but Yuuko opposes his dreams.

Syaoran told Kurogane about what he saw in Kurogane 's memory of murdering his mother.Syaoran noticed the marks,clothes and the weapons which is the same as the one who attacked them in Clow Country before, but he has no idea who they are because the high priest Yukito sent them right away to Yuuko.After Kurogane heard it to Syaoran, he was full of spirit to travel worlds so that he come across to the one who carried the sword.Kurogane then told Syaoran not to worry about seeing his past because he provided a service to him.Suddenly, Syaoran blurted out that Kurogane is a nice man making him to feel shiver then he shouted Syaoran not to tell him that.Later on,Sakura ,Fai and Mokona came and enter the room informing them that they've found an information about Sakura 's feather but Mokona and Sakura 's stomach grumble so Fai suggested a place to eat.

They told Syaoran about the "Memory Book" which takes and displays the memories of the first person who handles it and allows the next person who opens, to see them.While looking at Kurogane ,Syaoran thunk about it then Kurogane asked "what?" Syaoran replied "Nothing." while smiling. Fai was also looking at Kurogane, then Kurogane asked "what's up with you?" Fai replied while winking "Uh-uh Nothing at all".Then, Fai showed a picture to Syaoran saying he got a copy.Syaoran was shocked about what he saw then Mokona explained that it resembles to the mark of Sakura 's feather.But Syaoran was wondering why Mokona didn't do "Mekyo!". Fai then says that it is just a reproduction and the original one was in the Central Library.They also explained that the Central Library is the largest one in the country which houses nothing but rare and valuable books and guarded by some really nasty watchdogs.

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