Clamp in Wonderland is a series of music videos produced by CLAMP.

The short films feature characters from the group's entire canon of work. The first spans Clamp's career from their beginnings until the year 1994. The sequel Clamp in Wonderland 2 includes over 100 characters from the Clamp universe.

CLAMP in Wonderland, it was a short music video featuring loads of CLAMP’s characters from their various works.

CLAMP in Wonderland 2 features a song by Sakamoto Maaya – Action. Compared to the first song, Action is more upbeat and catchy. The new video also takes a different approach to showcasing the now even larger cast in CLAMP’s gallery (especially those within 1995-2006). This time, we’re actually treated to a short story on how the Mokona Modoki duo went on a journey in the world of books with Yuuko’s help.